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BODYBITZ seaweed moulding powder is totally safe for the skin! Immortalise your Bitz  
Sculpture Moulding Gel Required Suggested Moulding Container
Coupled Hands One (1) pack Kit packaging tube
Face One (1) pack 4 lt. Mixing bowl
Small Breast Plaque One (1) pack 4 lt. mixing bowl/a wok
Medium Breast Sculpture Two (2) packs 9 lt Laundry bowl
Large Breast Sculpture Three (3) packs 15 lt Laundry bowl
Butt Sculpture Three (3) packs 15 lt Laundry bowl

Each 450 gm pack of moulding powder mixes with 3 litres of water, enough to mould your face, hands, whatever you can fit.

- you can mould just about anything! - It's up to your imagination...

Amazingly quick and easy, just mix the seaweed moulding powder with water, dip yourself into it and it sets like a thick jelly around you. It comes away cleanly, as you gently ease yourself out.

Fill the cavity with plaster and when set, peel the gel away to reveal your sculpture. Once fully dry you can paint your sculpture to help protect it from dirt and fingerprints.

Are the moulds re-useable?

The moulding gel sets like a thick jelly around you capturing intricate detail. When peeled away from the plaster during demoulding the gel can break and crack. Sometimes, depending on the shape of the bodypart,you can wiggle the cast out without damaging the mould and get a second or third copy but it depends on the shape and whether there are undercuts. Once you have your original plaster sculpture you can then make a re-useable mould using silicone or latex if you want to reproduce.

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